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Founded in 2009, Histours remains the only tour company focused on providing military and political history themed tours in St. Petersburg and its environs. The project started from the Original Siege of Leningrad History Tour and expanded over time to cover such topics as the Winter War, the Russian Revolution and even the battlefields around Moscow - the only such offer on the Russian tourist market so far. In early 2021 the website underwent radical modernisation and now features a wide selection of World War 2 and Russian Political History tours.

Although the pandemic adversely affected the tour industry, Histours never ceased its operation and is hopeful for the future reopening of international borders. Check out my Blog section to see my posts on the history of the Siege of Leningrad and Siege survivors' memoirs and diaries, as well as the recent series of posts on the Battle of Moscow.

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Now and Then - SS POW parade in Leningrad

Today, 81 year ago - POW parade in Leningrad. Prospekt of the 25th of October, Leningrad. 25.07.1942 / Nevsky prospekt, St. Petersburg…

Now and Then - Motorcycles in Soltsy

Soltsy, Sovetsky prospekt. July 1941/April 2023 Soviet soldiers walk past an abandoned Zundapp KS 750 motorcycle with tactical…

Now and Then - Novgorod Kremlin gate

Novgorod Kremlin, August 1941/Spring 1944/April 2023 From the German-issued Russian language newspaper "Pravda" meant for the…

Now and Then - Counterstrike at Soltsy

Soltsy, intersection of Sovetsky prospekt and Lenin street. 16.07.1941-02.04.2023 Soviet soldiers examine abandoned German officers'…