Slumwalk & Pub crawl

Itinerary on the map

Tour Highlights:

- Check out local craft beer or infused vodkas in small pubs away from tourist lanes

- Explore old areas of the city center where old crumbling facades still preserve their "beauty in decay"

- Visit quaint little courtyards with their treasure troves of weird and amusing artwork

- Or go full urbex and explore industrial ruins of the old industrial belt of the city

weird courtyard

This tour is meant for everyone who isn't afraid of spending several hours in St. Petersburg without seeing yet another palace or a church. The true heart and soul of the city isn't found in official facades but the old 18th and 19th century blocks where life and ambience have changed little over time, if at all. This tour's itinerary isn't set in stone and it's always an improvisation based on the focus you ask for, from tasting all local Russian Imperial Stouts in as many bars as possible to walking through the old historical areas of the center no tourist buses ever appear in or even exploring the sprawling ruins of "Red Triangle" factory. Dicover the St. Petesrburg's innermost secrets and its true essence with our guides, and you will gain more insight about the city, the country and the people in a few hours than after spending an year around "Top 5" places.

ship courtyard playground
skeleton gorbyl bar
courtyard storks
weird courtyard metal sculpture
brutalist Soviet building
Abandoned Soviet bathhouse building
Abandoned 10 years of October building
Gorbyl bar
Ligovka well yard
Itinerary on the map day 2