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St. Petersburg highlights:

- World famous museums and palaces like the Hermitage, the Catherine Palace and the Peterhof fountain park

- Boat rides along rivers and canals with splendid views of the grand embankments of the Imperial Capital

- Walking tours of the city center famous for its beautiful architecture and rich history

Nevsky old

Our company will be happy to custom tailor for you any itinerary with "standard" tourist sites like the Hermitage, the Catherine Palace, Peterhof, Peter and Paul's fortress and others. All of our guides have appropriate licences and able to conduct tours in the main art museums of the city.

Of course, special focus will be made on the military and political history of these places. We believe that the story of the storming of the Winter Palace and the arrest of the Provisional Government in October 1917 deserves to be told no less than the story of the cultural treasures the palace possesses. While showing the beauty and telling royal life anecdotes of the Imperial palaces we do not skirt around the history of their occupation and plunder by the Nazis and postwar restoration. Our city overview tour includes not only the eye-candy sights and stops but also places of historical significance outside the regular tourist's trail or attention.

Just tell us which places you'd like to see and we'll design an itinerary to suit your interests.

Palace square
Palace square
Winter palace
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