Itinerary on the map

Tour highlights:

- Learn how the city’s greatest monuments were saved from destruction

- See the place where the city’s philharmonic orchestra and artillery batteries played a joint concert which shook Nazi morale

- Find out what constituted a daily food ration and what people used as food substitutes

Painting of the Nevsky prospekt

In 1941-1944 the city survived the most destructive siege in the history of human warfare. More than 800 000 citizens lost their lives to starvation, cold, artillery shelling and air raids. Our tour brings the images of that terrible and heroic time alive, starting with a walk along the Nevsky Prospekt to the St. Isaac’s square and ending with a visit to the Siege museum. The guide will show you blown-up pictures of the city during the Siege at the same spots they were originally taken from and tell you the stories behind them.

Tanya Savicheva statue
Hole in the ice memorial
Now and then Leningrad Palace square
Now and then Leningrad St Isaacs
Now and then Leningrad Gostiny Dvor alive and dead
Now and then Leningrad Nevsky
Firebomb Siege museum
Itinerary on the map day 2