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This tour aims to bring to light the forgotten victims of the Nazis on the soil of the Leningrad region.

You will learn about the crimes of the Nazi regime and their occupation policies: from mass executions of Jews and Soviet POWs to such heinous and little known acts as draining small children's blood for transfusions for German soldiers.

Holocaust and Nazi occupation tour map

Start of the tour, drive to Pushkin.

1. Holocaust in Pushkin

Upon our arrival to the town we'll stop at the Holocaust memorial, dedicated to nearly one and a half thousand Jewish victims of the Nazis, most of whom were exterminated in the first months of the occupation. We'll stop at the Memorial chapel dedicated to all residents of Pushkin who perished under occupation and visit the execution sites.

2. Gatchina Dulag and SS terror

We'll tour of the central area of Gatchina, stops at several buildings of the sprawling the Dulag POW camp where thousands of Soviet POWs and civilians were murdered through starvation, exposure and shooting. We'll stop by the Kommandant's Office where one of top SS leaders Walter Stahlecker was allegedly assassinated Victory memorial and Glory Column. At the end of the tour we'll visit the execution site of a Soviet Resistance group in Sylvia park.

3. Mental hospital massacre

When the Nazis took over the area and SS started executing people round the clock, not one category of "undesirables" was spared from their attention. We'll visit the memorial in Nikolskoye where 1500 psychiatric hospital patients were murdered by the SS.

4. Mass murder in Bolshoye Zarechye

In the autumn of 1943 Army Group North started preparing for its imminent retreat. A large-scale program of scorched earth policy was implemented on the occupied territory, as well as forced deportations. Those who dared to disobey the orders of the Nazi occupation authorities were dealt with ultimate ruthelessness. We'll stop at Bolshoye Zarechye and Glumitsy, where 60 residents were burnt alive by the occcupation authorities for attempting to escape from forced deportation.

5. Murder of children in Vyritsa

One of the most horrid war crimes of the Nazis was the abuse and murder of children. During our visit to Vyritsa we'll stop at the memorial to local children who died in a forced blood transfusion camp.

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Holocaust memorial in Pushkin
Memorial to resistance fighters in Gatchina
Memorial to the mental hospital patients
Bolshoye Zarechye Memorial
Bolshoye Zarechye memorial
Vyritsa memorial
Holocaust in Pushkin
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