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Some of the many revolutionary sites we can arrange visits to:

- the Taurida Palace where both the Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet had their offices for several months

- the Smolny Palace, the seat of the Petrograd Soviet since August 1917 where Lenin was voted into power and the seat of the first Soviet government until March 1918

- Alliluyev and Elizarov memorial apartments where Lenin and Stalin lived during their stay in the city

- The Barn and the Straw Bivouac memorial museums in Razliv, a suburb of St. Petersburg where Lenin lived in hiding in July-August 1917

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For those who would like to go beyond the scope of the standard 4-hour Political History tour we offer a highly customizable itinerary on the history of the Russian Revolution from February to October 1917: Lenin's arrival to the Finland Train Station to his flight from the Kshesinskaya Mansion during the July Days, his safehouses in the city, exile in Razliv and triumphant return to the Smolny Palace where he proclaimed the Bolshevik Revolution at the Second Congress of Soviets.

We can arrange for you an in-depth itinerary on Lenin and the Revolution spanning from 1 to 5 days. Please write us for details on the itineraries, prices and availability.

Lenin Smolny room
Smolny truck armed workers red guards
July 1917 Sadovaya execution demonstration
armoured car soldiers red guards
Taurida palace February revolution
Provisional government Kerensky
Lenin Smolny corridor
Red terror demonstration Shpalernaya September 1918
Storming of the Winter Palace
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