Now and Then - German POWs on Fontanka

German POWs Fontanka siege of Leningrad 1944

Fontanka river embankment, Leningrad. January 23, 1944 / Fontanka river embankment, St. Petersburg. December 2020

Captured German soldiers being marched across the city.

From the diary of Gorshkov Nikolay Pavlovich, 51. Accountant.

Diary entry from January 23, 1944:

"Sunday. Very cloudy. There was sleet last night, the temperature is about 0C. It drizzled throughout the day. Now it's quiet. Many military vehicles drive along some streets across the city, carrying ammunition, food, fodder and other kinds of military supplies to the front. Today many people saw captured Fritzes being marched along the Fontanka river embankment, around 500 men guarded by only 20 our soldiers. In spite of finally getting into Leningrad which they've been trying to capture for more than 2 years, these stinking Germans look very sullen and miserable. Their dreams became reality in a far different way than the one they envisioned."

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